"Web applications development modules distribution pack"

Copyright (c) 2002 Petr Toman

Basic information

ActionPack is a distribution of independent, but cooperating, opensource modules for web applications development. All modules and bundled third party software are free and available also separately (see bellow).



(sources & docs included)
...requires also
ActionPack_01-Sep-2002.zip JDK 1.2+ JBuilder 4+* JSDK 2.0*,
Tomcat 3.x/4.0*,**
*optional, but highly recommended!
**or any servlet container compatible with Servlet specification 2.2/2.3

Modules included in ActionPack
ActionServlet 0.93.1bWeb application frameworklicense
ASWizards 1.23aJBuilder support for ActionServletlicense
JAASModule 0.51.1Authentication and policy managementlicense
miniRMI 0.94.2RMI replacement suitable especially for applets (uses http/https)license
AS_miniRMI_Connector 0.92aIntegrates ActionServlet and miniRMIlicense
WebRunner 0.5aJBuilder plug-in for running WWW serverslicense

Included third party software
Ant 1.4.1Build toollicense
Crimson (shipped with Ant)XML parserlicense
DbConnectionBroker 1.0.11JDBC connection poolerfree
HypersonicSQL 1.61SQL DBMSlicense
jdbcpool 0.99JDBC connection poolerlicense
Log4J 1.1.3 (core)Logging librarylicense
Jakarta ORO 2.0.5Text processing librarylicense
JAAS 1.0Java Authentication and Authorization Servicelicense
JAXP 1.0.1XML parserlicense
MultipartRequest 1.20File uploading librarylicense
Servlet APIServlet API corelicense
SimpleText 1.0JDBC driver for CSV fileslicense
Tagish 1.0.0Login modules for JAASlicense
Velocity 1.2 (+ dep.)Template enginelicense
WebMacro 1.0.1Template enginelicense 1, 2
Xerces ?XML parserlicense

Mailing list

If you want to be notified when a new release of ActionPack or its modules is available and/or join discussions, please subscribe to the mailing list.


  1. Unzip ActionPack_xxx.zip - ActionPack directory will be created.

  2. Change directory to ActionPack.

  3. Set ANT_HOME variable in install.bat (on Windows) or install.sh (on Unix) so it points to ActionPack directory (JAVA_HOME variable must point to JDK directory).

  4. Set correct values of properties in build.properties file.

  5. On Unix run: chmod +x install.sh bin/ant bin/antRun

  6. Run: install.bat (on Windows) or ./install.sh (on Unix).

Upon successful completion, all modules are ready to use under modules directory - with set up examples (copied to "war" directory) and finished installation for JBuilder (optional).

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